What Makes Us Different

So what makes us different from the rest?

From the 15 years that we’ve been in business, there are many differences, but we’re going to focus upon just 3.


  1. Doing the fundamental things right

  2. The quality of our work

  3. Integrity

1. Doing the fundamental things right.

“Delivered in full, on time, as specified and at an agreed price.” This statement is more than just a marketing spiel. Transparency of these aspects is captured right from the start and buttoned up within our contract agreements to ensure clarity about precisely what works we are doing, what it will cost and when it will be complete.

Providing cost certainty throughout the contract is considered the single most concerning factor for most clients. You’ve only got to watch an episode of Grand Designs to see just how this can all go so horribly wrong.

At Unicorn Construction we have retained the belief that if your requirements haven’t changed then why should the price? Why should the client be expected to pay extra for things which were completely foreseeable. Our offer therefore goes further than our competitors by promising that your project will be: “Delivered at an agreed price, without any hidden extras.”

2. The quality of our work

At Unicorn Construction we maintain a larger team of directly employed workforce than most of our competitors. With 18 directly employed staff and growing, on average 65% of our projects are delivered by our own staff, in comparison to our industry standard which is closer to 30%-35%. Add to this, that our workforce are some of the most respected tradesmen in the industry, these factors combined provide the key to ensuring that the quality of our works is always to the highest possible standard of finish, as we have more control over the way in which it is delivered.

3. Integrity

Integrity has been instilled not only in the culture of our team, but as the backbone of our entire business. It’s a quality which I personally have held dear throughout my journey as the Director of this business. We are above all honest. We deliver on our promises and are held accountable for our decisions.

These 3 ingredients combined.


It is the culmination of all 3 of these values which provide Unicorn Construction with our unique identity.


It is also the reason why 80% of our workload over the past 6 years has come from repeat business customers and word of mouth recommendations. This being testament to the success of our clients experience, with the rewards of our approach being reflected in the loyalty & trust that we have earned with our customers.

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